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Beggar to bigwig

A word of advice for job hunters: Finding your dream career may be as simple as begging on the street.
At least that was the case for Waseem Malleye of Scarborough, who, when he found himself still without work four months after graduating from the University of Toronto..

[Interview] Waseem Malleye, International Investment and Asset Management Executive

In 2003, four months out of college and still without a satisfactory job, Waseem Malleye took a step anyone who has ever been frustrated in attempts to get their career started can appreciate. He took control of his destiny.

Waseem Malleye notes 2018 commercial real estate trends: industry to slow but remain strong

The commercial real estate industry will continue to ride a wave of growth and expansion into 2018, experts agree. Major reports on what 2018 holds for the real estate market state it will be a year of growth, though it may slow down from what has been seen in previous years.

Waseem Malleye, others on U.S retail real estate sector : is it all doom and gloom?

Despite recent concern over the retail real estate market in the United States, it is stronger than most believe.

Concern over investing in the market was raised in part after Mad Money host Jim Cramer put out a warning against such investments.

Shared Work Space Trends – Investment Analyst Waseem Malleye Remarks

As the 9-5 lifestyle is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as corporations become progressively decentralized and take advantage of workforce flexibility enabled by technology, the use of coworking spaces is in many ways restructuring the nature of the traditional office job.